• Aftersales Service Item:

    1. Supply technical advice to solve all kinds of technical problems for the customers.
    2. Supply the product installing and commissioning service for the customer.
    3. Supply the technical guidance and training.
    4. Solve the customer complaint.
    5. Collect the product feedback from the customer, and improve the products accordingl.
    6. Introduce the new designed and upgrade products to customers.
  • Aftersales Service Standard.(The engineers shall make sure the service quality because market is the base):

    1. Answer carefully for any technical question from customers, and ask for advice from custome.
    2. Finish the service carefully.
    3. Be polite. And in case of dispute, both shall settle the dispute by negotiation.
    4. Solve the complaint in a right way, teach them the fault reason, right operation, maintenance etc.
    5. Never ask any unreasonable demand from customer.
    6. When supply the service, the engineer shall be positive.
    7. When supply the service, the engineer shall follow the service.
  • Service response, product maintenance method and time:

    1. When any question received from customer, the team shall decide the solution in time and reply the customer in 24hours.
    2. If there is any quality complaint, the team shall reply in 2 hour. And check if it needs the service engineer to give service to the customer’s factory in 72hours.

Online Service

Cotton Series
Custmer Service Hotline:0513-80776885
Woolen Series
Custmer Service Hotline:0513-80776883

《Carding Technology》

  《Carding Technology》 is a professional magazine which contains the carding machine, carding equipment, carding theory research, carding manufacturing and foreign new carding technology.

Fang Zhitong Consultation

  We build a technical consultation platform by uniting textile experts in China. We enter the textile factories to improve the technical level, solve problem for them, so as to raise the factory competitiveness.