Who We Are


  GERON Card Clothing established in 1965, specialized in carding equipment. The company includes research, manufacturing and sales. Geron has over 1200 workers with two production bases, in Juangsu Nantong and Gansu Baiyin, ranking the first production capacity in the world. In 2014, the parent company GERON Co., Ltd (SZ002722) was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which is the first listed company in Chinese Textile Equipment industry.

  In 1994, Geron first set uo the “Geron Card Clothing Research Center”, which is certificated to be Nantong Engineer Research Center, Nantong City Project Technic Research Center and Jiangsu Province Engineer Research Center. In 2007, Geron is identified as the China Torch Progrom. In 2011, Geron won the prize of Nation Textile Product Development Contribution Award. In 2013, Geron Research Center was identified as the only one research center in Card Clothing in China by CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association). Geron research center gather many talented and professional technicians in products design, manufacturing and process. Geron has got tens of national patents in materials, products and manufacturing. The professional magazine named Carding Technology has been published for 16 years, which builds a theoretical and practical platform for our customers and technicians in carding technology.

  After many years of the Performance Excellence Model practice, the company management and performance level have been raised a lot. In 2015, Geron won the prize of “Nantong Mayor Quality Prize”, “National Textile Quality Prize”, “Jiangsu Province Management Innovation Model Company” etc.

  Our products include the whole series of carding components including metallic card clothing, flat top, flexible card clothing, stationary flat, circular comb, top comb and opening rollers, etc.. The sale of metallic carding clothing and flat top especially has been in the leading place in China for many years and our products are also popular in abroad markets such as India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt etc.. The Card Clothing, Flat Top and Stationary Flat for High Speed and Production Carding Machine are identified as the High Technic Products of Jiangsu Province. Geron Logo has been the Jiangsu Province Famous Logo and Geron Brand has been the famous brand in Card Clothing field. The series of GERON “Blue Diamond”, “Diamond”, “Pioneer” and “Lance” with our professional service provide our customers with the comprehensive technical solutions from ordinary carding machines to high speed and production carding machine.

  Mission: Leading Development of Carding Equipment Industry, Assisting Progress of Global Textile Industry.

  Vision: Become the leader of carding equipment industry, first-choice supplier for customer and an employee’s beloved working platform.

  Values: Uprightness, Concentration, Customer orientation, Quality oriented.

The Address of Leader

  As time flies, past years are linked to songs. The wheel of era rolls forward in innovation and progression. GERON surpasses itself in pursuit and moves ahead in surpassing. As “pursuit of excellence” has become a faith, we just witness the opening of GERON after years.

  Born in the city of Nantong with times, GERON keeps forging ahead. In the around three decades of the past, we step forward the most difficult, pivotal and unforgettable pioneering days. Likewise, in the past three decades of progress and accumulation, GERON has reached a height, at which we can expect a broader future.

  As the epoch accomplishes GERON and GERON lives up to the era, the past three decades is a time duration that GERON has been undergoing endeavor and gradual transcending and has grown into the leading company in the field of textile carding equipment in China. With advanced management system, unique corporate culture and a team of employees with common value concepts and cohesion, GERON enjoys powers and resources for sustainable development and strong spiritual impetus. All these compose the most precious treasures and resources in the great process of GERON. I would hereby extend my pride sincerely.

Chief Executive Officer:

Huang Chunhui

Enterprise Concep

Leading Development of Carding Equipment Industry,Assisting Progress of Global Textile Industry

Continuously put the “Excellent Performance Model” into use and strengthen the innovation of product, technology, service and business mode to lead development of carding equipment industry.
Supply the global customers the best complete carding solution to fulfill their various requirement, assist progress of global textile industry.
Become the leader of carding equipment industry, first-choice supplier for customer and an employee’s beloved working platform.

The value, “Uprightness, Concentration, Customer orientation, Quality oriented”, is based on company’s mission, vision and employee’s suggestions with Geron style characteristic.

We shall struggle against: Violations of law and discipline, damage of company interests, harm to others, cliques, nepotism.
We shall do: justice, self-respect, honest, responsible, positive, do the right thing to the society.
We shall advocate: fight against evil trends, spread the positive energy, assume responsibility, point out other’s weakness and help him to improve.

We shall struggle against: careless, slow, perfunctory work; continuous making mistake, non-responsible.
We shall do: finish own work, plan in advance, work hard, pay attention to detail, aggressive.
We shall advocate: keep improving and spare no pains, pursuit of excellence.
Customer orientation

We shall struggle against: any cheat, non-responsibility and ham to customer’s interests, ignoring customer’s requirement and suggestion and subjective assume;
Unreasonable quarrel with customer
We shall do: keep and fulfill the promises to customer; Identify customer’s requirement positively and meet their need;
Respond customer’s request and supply a solution in time to raise the customer satisfaction
We shall advocate: exceeding customer’s expectations, create and supply the best user experience; create the value for the customer and help them grow and succeed.